Cat Heart Ring Both In Gold and Silver


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Hello cat lovers

Today is special day, a day where your will find the perfect ring that suits your elegant and unique style, the cat heart ring available both in 925 sterling silver color professionally designed specially for you, so that you can enjoy an elegant and great look. this adorable ring is the best reminder of your cute little kitty at home. like that you will always remember her and feel her presence near your where ever you go.

And for sure it s the best gift for her a gift that will make her heart melts, a gift that she will love you for the rest of her life        

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You wear the cat heart ring as a simple statement or pair it with the matching necklacebracelet or earrings to complete your outfit.


  • Scratch and water resistant for lifelong wear
  • Beautiful message to raise awareness for cats and kittens on the street
  • Free worldwide shipping and returns
  • Satisfaction guarantee +  product warranty
  • Adjustable chain length: One-size-fits-all

We offer you 10-year product warranty. For more information bout supportcatlive warranty, please refer to our FAQs.

Besides, If you're unpleased with your necklace, we'll refund it and give you a full refund . for 60 days after your purchase.


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