Our Story

My name is Lora , I am 30 years old  and originate from Hamburg, Germany.The story of my beautiful cat, Christa and I, is one that i can tell over and over again and maybe even write a book about. This is because meeting Christa marked the beginning of many good and unforgettable memories in my life.

As a college student, one of the scariest questions that I dreaded answering was, "Lora, what do you want to do after college?". I had no plans for after-school, I had nothing in mind. Then, I was a simple, free-spirited, 21-year old student of English and Literature at the University of Hamburg, that simply enjoyed life and had no idea what was going on in the outside world.

Naive as I was, each time I was asked that question, I became terrified of the future and stressed myself out so much, thinking about what the future held for me.

I was walking home one day when my attention was drawn to a Newspaper ad that was calling for people to sign up for a workshop in jewelry making. Coincidentally, I signed up and I was in a class of over 40 ladies.

Along the line, I decided that I needed to do something different with jewelry; I needed new ideas and I had to standout. There was a dire urge to create original and unique art. One lovely afternoon, I decided to take a walk on the street and I stumbled upon an abandoned cat in a dumpster. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, so I took her home and she became my first and only best friend. Soon, ideas started gushing into my head from nowhere in particular, and the idea of making cat-themed necklaces, bracelets, keychains, rings and earrings came to mind. The workshop training was a good platform as any to practice.

5 years down the line, in the year 2016, I knew it was time to let the world see my brand after housing and flirting with the idea for so long. So, I gathered a team of 5 amazing people who share my passion for cats and jewelry (or have been infected with my passion, hahaha!) to form the Cat Live Team. A few of us worked together during the workshop a few years back and witnessed my sudden love and obsession for Christa.

Now, I am 30 and I am as happy as ever, doing what I love the most. I am happy and proud to have such a wonderful and productive team that have worked very hard to bring my dreams and ideas to reality. I constantly reflect on the progress of the company and I am glad that we're going in the right direction.

This is the story of how Christa and I got together, and how the Cat Live Team came to being. I battled with my pen to make this so short, a book could be published about it, haha! I want to thank you for being here, being part of my dream and I hope you love what I am doing just as much as I do. Dear cat lovers, we might be distances apart and chasms separate us, but we are all united by one thing; the love we have for our cats.

Here, at Cat Live, we infuse this love into every single cat jewel that we produce. Our pieces are handmade and symbolize the wearer’s passion for cats and have been a source of delight for thousands of cat lovers across the globe.

Since the inception of Cat Live, we have released more than 50 beautiful, original and unique cat-themed pieces. We are currently working hard to release a new gemstone collection later this year. Be expecting! Meow!